NSW GRN new CC frequencies on XTS

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NSW GRN new CC frequencies on XTS

Post by tsunami_australia » Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:08 pm

Has anyone else started to shift the trunk systems on their XTS/XTL etc equipment that no longer can handle any more controller frequencies and have new ones coming in?

I'm tring to work out areas by systems so for example Hunter (lower and upper) would have it's own system with a controller list and say lower hunter RFS TG's would fall in it's system which also includes some surrounding sites just out of area (Cabbage Tree, northern CC etc), Metro would be SYD/CC/BM, northern, southern and western being outside them 2. My issue is I'm not sure if I'll have to break the northern system (Lambton north) into multiple areas maybe Hexham to Coffs or Hexham to the Hastings river etc. I'm just trying to plan it atm. Having some surrounding towers like in the Lower Hunter example would mean I could hear their comms from lets say 20-50km before I hit their area (if someone is affiliated which often someone is). I don't know though if that 30 odd max list will allow ALL north of Hexham or only part on the east coast of the range.

On a similar note, when adding the new sites, should I only be bothered with the primary controller in the controllers list? If SITE a goes down, will SITES b and C be able to through the peers thing nominate the secondary controller for a?

Does anyone have any ideas how many new controller frequencies are going to be added N. S and W? Then I'll have to go through the old and new in the metro etc and delete controllers not in use and try and add any new one's not in the list. I know eventually it'll end up phase 2 and I'll be SOOL but until then I'm trying to keep the max out of the gear.

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