NSWRFS MDT Rollout - Adashi

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NSWRFS MDT Rollout - Adashi

Post by astro_boy » Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:32 am

https://rfs.e-newsletter.com.au/pub/pub ... 35c7c8b77c

Update on Mobile Data Terminals

MDTs are touchscreen Panasonic Toughbook tablets that will be installed in NSW RFS appliances and set up with the Adashi incident response software product. MDTs will give firefighters a number of benefits, including up-to-date incident information, mapping data and real-time sharing of operational intelligence.

MDTs will improve the delivery of incident intelligence to members in the field and support immediate response decision-making. The benefits include:

Crews will be able to see on the MDT which members have advised they are attending via ACTIV and confirm who is on the truck

First responders can receive up-to-date incident information such as crew details, location, turn-by-turn navigation to an incident, mapping data and planning documents (e.g. IAPs, PIPs), enabling them to be as prepared as possible when arriving at, and actioning, an incident.

Responding crews, Incident Controllers and Incident Management Teams can access a single source of incident information, enabling better pre-incident preparation and informing actions by crews and strike teams

Two-way, real-time sharing of operational intelligence (e.g. SITREPs) with CAD and ICON, reducing the number of manual processes for members to access, share and report on incident intelligence.

Simplified reporting requirements – intelligence captured on MDTs will be automatically uploaded to CAD, ICON and BIRS, minimising duplicate data entry across multiple systems.

The staged roll out of MDTs to Districts will start in early 2023 and is planned to be completed in 2025.


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