Restructure of channels on the South West

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Restructure of channels on the South West

Post by cartman » Thu Dec 09, 2021 3:07 pm

Since the start of the week (6/12/21) the old ambulance dispatcher channels for the South West (Talkgroup 10329) and Outer South West (10330) are no longer.

It has taken a few days to figure it out with the help of a few others and listening to what is happening on the new South West

Seems to be a new profile out or the beginnings of one

** "Channel 17" Dispatcher controlled signons, crib breaks and signoffs for South West and Outer South West on Talkgroup 10339.

** "Channel 18" Dispatcher controlled Operations for Southwest and Outer South West on Talkgroup 10340

** "Channel 19" Southwest Hospitals layover on Talkgroup 30334. Hospital delays to be reported to the dispatcher on this channel. Code 3 ED advice to be reported to Channel 19 Dispatcher who will alert the appropiate Hospital ED to come up on South Hospitals "Channel 22" on Talkgroup 10344 and take the inward bound ambulance patient details, then afterwards the car will switch to Channel 19 until finally clear of Hospital / material restocking from stores and then switch over to Channel 18 for new job allocations.
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Re: Restructure of channels on the South West

Post by astro_boy » Fri Dec 10, 2021 1:57 pm

Heard North Ops referring cars to the 'Channel 14' Hospital channel just this week.

Edit; It appears as though Channel 14 correlates to 'North Incident 4' channel which they are now using to pass code 3's.

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