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From the WARSUG forum Administrator

"From the public tender/EOI docs, it looks like it'll essentially be a move of the current Police trunked P25 system down to the Government band (HGS - Harmonised Government Spectrum.
Basically, 420-430MHz plus the traditional police ~468MHz band) and expansion for more users.
It'll include Police, DFES, and interestingly SJA, but not Railways:

"The WA Police Force is seeking current market information in relation to product availability, technical and functional capability and supply options for the provisioning of P25 digital and analogue two-way radio devices.

The radio device key specifications and functional capabilities are primarily referenced to the features of P25 trunked radio networks, P25 conventional voting networks, analogue radio and the operating frequency range of equipment.
The radio types of interest are in the form of handheld radio and vehicle radio communications and are to be of robust design and construction to be considered suitable for use within a public safety environment."

"The desired outcome is the development of the WA Police Force’s current radio network into an HGS compliant, interoperable, highly resilient, multi-agency digital trunked Western Australia Government Radio Network (GRN).
Initially the GRN network coverage would include the greater metropolitan area and selected regional centres servicing 93% of the Western Australia population."

"In December 2019 the WA Police Force, in collaboration with Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), Department of Justice (DoJ), and Department of Health (DoH) in conjunction with St John Ambulance Western Australia (SJA) submitted a Business Case to establish a GRN.
The GRN Business Case was premised on upgrading the existing WA Police Force digital trunked radio network to form the basis of the GRN network.
The foundation of the GRN will facilitate new member agencies joining as required.

In anticipation of funding to commence the implementation of a GRN the current approach prioritises the mitigation of immediate operational risks as a result of end of useful life radio terminal devices.

WA Police Force’s current radio communication capability is provided by two connected networks.
A digital trunked radio network comprising of 83 sites that covers the extended metropolitan area and five regional centres, and a regional conventional digital radio network, comprising of 269 sites.
The conventional digital radio network is HGS compliant, the digital trunked radio network is not.
WA Police Force currently has temporary exceptions from the ACMA to operate in a non HGS band.
The existing trunked infrastructure is not HGS compatible.

WA Police Force’s current digital trunked radio network provides critical voice radio communications to WA Police Force, and a number of other Western Australia and Commonwealth agencies including other law enforcement agencies and DoJ, WA Police Force’s network also provides critical interoperability with a number of smaller emergency service organisations and agencies who assist with emergency operations or incidents.

The radio network covers the greater metropolitan area and regional centres of Western Australia.
• The ‘P25 Trunked’ radio network that covers this area was initially commissioned in 2006 and since that time has been upgraded and expanded on an ongoing basis.
• Outside of the coverage area and aligned to the major road links is a P25 conventional radio system."

"DFES replacement terminal equipment will need to work with the current DFES analogue radio network and in preparation for the GRN transition DFES needs to acquire devices capable of P25 communications.": 300 mobiles, 450 portables to be replaced FY21/22-FY23/24, 1626 mobiles, 1684 portables in 2025/27 & 94 Mobiles, 172 portables in 2026/29".
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