Whistler NXDN

Whistler NXDN

Postby kevnerd486 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:42 am

Looks like the NXDN upgrade drops this Friday, for the info of Aussy TRX-1/2 owners.

https://whistlergroup.com/blogs/news/wh ... -with-nxdn

Merry Christmas :D

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Re: Whistler NXDN

Postby Longreach » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:30 pm

Great to see, I notice Uniden has gone very quiet lately.

I hope they keep up the great work.\

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Re: Whistler NXDN

Postby Longreach » Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:08 pm

Carried out the update at 5:01am this morning and went to Sydney. Once again i programmed up a TeamTalk site through the front and worked ok. Speaking to Rusty today we both agreed that it needs some tweaking as the audio could get very choppy at times but its a start.
The Tracking was generally ok, although as reported on RR it appears that LCN order will have to be sorted out.
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Re: Whistler NXDN

Postby cartman » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:47 am

It has been reported that there were issues with the TRX2 and 1098 upgrades
Upon investigation the Whistler group found mistakes made between debug and release build
A new upgrade has released to fix the original problem

***These updates will be available through the PC app. The downloads from the Whistler website will be posted shortly and you should receive an email if you previously downloaded the updates***

New CPU update for WS1095/98 and TRX-2 will be available at 3:30 CST/4:30 EST FRIDAY 12/16/16

New release of PC apps are available for the TRX-1 and TRX-2

* Changed handling of NXDN Type-D talkgroup imports to handle a change in the library format starting with version 5.01.
* Fixed issue with importing the incorrect RAN values on conventional channels with a value higher than 15
* Fixed issue on NXDN trunked sites where a RAN value higher than 15 was not being properly stored.

There will be a change in how NXDN Type-D talkgroup IDs are handled. This change is already implemented in the CPU firmware and in the PC App (3.1). However, it is not yet exposed in the released Library (version 500). The next Library release (version 501, which will be the normal weekly build available on Saturday morning) will incorporate this change.

A Type-D system imported in the scanner prior to Library 501 will need to be deleted and reimported manually. Any Type-D system imported using pc app (3.1) regardless of library version will be imported correct. PC app version 3.0 will no longer import correct values after Library 501.

Library version 500 and below:
* Talkgroups Imported in PC App version 3.0 are correct and will not need to be reimported
* Talkgroups imported in the scanner will need to be reimported once library 501 is available.
* PC App version 3.1 will import this format without issue

Library version 501 and above
* Talkgroups imported in the PC App 3.0 will no longer be correct without upgrading to 3.1
* Talkgroups imported in the scanner will be correct
* PC App version 3.1 will automatically make the adjustment to the new format when available.
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