I can't help wondering..

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I can't help wondering..

Post by rustynswrail » Wed Dec 06, 2023 9:05 pm

Maybe its me. The older I get the grumpier I get when I see inane comments and posts on various groups, that simply do not make sense.

One example, how often does someone post something like - "I want to but a scanner to use in my car and when I am out and about can someone advise a good handheld?"

Almost without exception some numpty will post, "Buy an SDR, cheaper than a scanner." Or something like that. Why? The OP states clearly that they want a handheld scanner. Since when has an SDR been truly portable? Yes you can buy a tablet and the necessary cables, set it up and go mobile with it, but try fitting in your back pocket.

Adjunct to that, How often does someone post "Buy a scanner" when the question of purchasing a SDR is asked? Probably never or at least not very often.

I know SDR's are useful and certainly have their place, Christ knows I own and use them, but! Can we just answer the question at hand rather than spearing off on tangents? It might stop me thinking the hobby is in cognitive decline.
Amateur Radio, when all other cures for insomnia fail!

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