Personal frequency database cleanup

Personal frequency database cleanup

Postby freqwaves » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:10 pm

Over the past few months I have cross checked with the ACMA on registered users with what I had logged in my personal frequency database.
I have been logging frequencies & users since 2006. Of the 2750 frequencies logged I have eliminated 776.
Of these mainly courier & transport companies that have moved onto other technologies like palmtop scanners to pickup & deliver parcels. Technologies in mobile phones has also possibly taken a few customers. Users also moving to digital trunk systems.
Loggings only cover of what I have received from my home base or when mobile in the Sydney metro area.
I find now when looking through the ACMA database that the 450 to 520mhz band is dominated by the mining industry & construction industry with retail precints,hotels & simplex users being some of the others.
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