GRN funding boost

GRN funding boost

Postby Mike Alpha » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:00 pm

Budget boost for Government Radio Network enhancements

The NSW Telco Authority has welcomed the 2018 NSW Budget announcement of $320 million over four years to enhance the Government Radio Network (GRN) in support of emergency services.

The GRN provides secure, reliable radio communications to more than 30 emergency services and state agencies and approximately 35,000 radio users.
The funding will provide:
Continued support to the Agency Priority Works program – a collaborative initiative involving the NSW Telco Authority and the five Emergency Service Organisations which prioritises construction and upgrades to radio communication towers and sites deemed critical. More than 40 sites will receive upgrades as a result of the new funding.

Construction and upgrades at 250 radio communications sites across the greater metropolitan area as well as regional and rural NSW.

The NSW Government has also committed a further $61 million of funding to public safety agencies to support the technological transition of their terminals such as hand-held radios to the enhanced GRN. This funding will support:
Replacement and deployment of over 30,000 ageing terminals including individual user handsets and vehicle consoles for public safety agencies on a state-wide basis.
Stay safe and Keep Operational funding for public safety agencies to maintain their existing networks during the transition to the GRN.

NSW Telco Authority Managing Director Kate Foy welcomed the Budget funding.

“The NSW Telco Authority is expanding the coverage of essential radio communications to further enable our emergency service organisations when serving and protecting the community,” Ms Foy said.

“The enhancement program is a boost to public safety and represents the largest investment by government in essential communications in more than two decades.”

The CCEP will increase the coverage of the GRN from approximately 35 per cent of the state to over 80 per cent.

The Minister for Finance, Services and Property's 2018 Budget Media Release can be viewed on the DFSI website.
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Re: GRN funding boost

Postby Bigfella237 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:42 pm

~ Managing Director Kate Foy welcomed the Budget funding ~

What a stupid statement to include, what else is she gonna say... "nah, I don't like you giving me money"? :roll:

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