SDS100 Cold Solder Joint Problem

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SDS100 Cold Solder Joint Problem

Post by iTrooper » Mon Aug 08, 2022 8:30 pm

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the Cold Solder Joint problem on the SDS100.

Here's a Youtube Video showing what happens/the symptoms (not my video, just an example from the RadioRefence forum where they discussed this issue in length - ... int.411126)

Youtube Video

The problem seems to be caused by the J401 connector behind the screen, some of the contacts seem to have lifted off the circuit board.

What I was wondering is if anyone knows someone who good at Microsoldering here in Sydney, who is able to reflow the solder, it should fix the problem according to what I've read on the forums. It seems to be a common problem with some SDS100's, but entirely fixable.

I emailed Uniden about it but haven't heard back from them yet, this thing is out of warranty so I don't expect much help from them ultimately.
The pins on the far left look like they've lifted from the circuit board causing the fault.
(106.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet
J401 Connector (the Red/Grey is a microSD card for size comparison)
(77.49 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Back of the LCD Screen
(61.08 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Greg / iTrooper

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