USDS100 Firmware Upgrade Soon!

USDS100 Firmware Upgrade Soon!

Postby rustynswrail » Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:29 am

In a few weeks Uniden Australia will be releasing a firmware upgrade for the USDS100 (Australian version only, it will NOT suit the US or European versions).
This upgrade is a bug fix it will NOT provide any new features or functions. Why? Because none are planned or needed for the USDS100 in immediate future, that's why!

Briefly, the new firmware resolves an issue with the analogue scan speed when DMR is also scanned. The firmware version is v1.11.00.

Also an update to the Victorian CFA database to suit the UBCD436PT and UBCD536PT has been released. Please note it only suits the UBCD436PT and UBCD536PT and CANNOT be loaded into any other model.

Check the Uniden Australia website for the upgrades.
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