Software: PSREdit500 Version 1.92 (August 2011 Updates)

Software: PSREdit500 Version 1.92 (August 2011 Updates)

Postby matthewn1983 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:36 pm

PSREdit500 Version 1.92 Release 2 (Released August 22, 2011)

Added option to the conventional import screen to allow importing of the input frequencies for repeaters. When imported, the input frequencies will inherit all properties of the output frequency except that the lower case letter "i" will be added to the end of the alpha tag.

Added brief description of the Import from function to the help file. This will be expanded to be more comprehensive as time permits.

PSREdit500 Version 1.92 Release 1 (Released August 20, 2011)

Added option to the scan list listing page to allow editing the alert and LED settings for multiple objects.

PSREdit500 Version 1.91 Release 2 (Released August 2, 2011)

Removed the frequency check when entering the base frequency on trunking tables. This was necessary to allow entering the correct tables.

Added an optional -c command line parameter. This command line parameter controls the location where PSREdit500 will look for its configuration data file (PSREdit500.ini). Please see the help file for more details about this command line switch.
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