Software: Unitrunker V1.0.24.7 in official release

Software: Unitrunker V1.0.24.7 in official release

Postby Bigfella237 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:09 pm

The latest version of Unitrunker is now in **Official Release**

V1.0.24.7 is now available at

"Here's the cumulative list of what's new ...

Inline decoding from a BC346XT fixed.
EDACS decoding from a handful of odd-ball EDACS systems.
Health threshold changes.
P25 decoding accepts variable number of TSBKs per TSDU.
Clear source ID on when voice call starts on a continuation (was displaying source ID from previous call)
Receiver window toolbar now has Start / Stop buttons.
P25 opcode 29 bug fix.
Patch logic handling fix.
Race condition fixed (ewww).
Health metrics more consistent between waveform decoding and inline decoding.
Bug fix for any toolbar button that toggles.
Better serial port buffering / timeout (customized to each radio type).
Audio decode buffers - more smaller buffers for better granularity.
P25 code base consolidation (C4FM and CQPSK were forked ages ago).
P25 now displays cross patched calls.
HP1 decode support with live oscilloscope view (sorry, no voice following).
P25 fixes - unit registration denials; group affiliation denials.
Patch related crash fixed.
Better call type display formatting (see the "SVC" column).
770 Mhz fixes for BCD396T and BCD996T voice following.
Online / offline state tracking for users that log out or leave a talkgroup.
Null pointer crash.
Uniden DMA models - capabilities mask to denote XT models.
AR3000A voice following (incomplete).
Lockmode - none, site-lock, and dedicated.
* Dedicated: ignores any data that does not match the locked site.
* You can pollute your logged data if you tune to a simular site or system with this option.
OpenSky tweak.
Remote API.
Emergency annunciation (audible alert or blinking text on an emergency call).
Archive tab now has browse button (opens Windows Explore to see your data files)."

You will also note that the version format has changed slightly, what would have been V1.0.0.24 is now V1.0.24.7 with the main version number moved up one place and the last digit now used to identify the BETA version during testing.

Many thanks to Rick for his hard work and patience!

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